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We are active members of the community and have developed successful products that reached millions of users. Dedicated countless hours to studying DeFi and how it operates. Now we want to share it with you!

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Your net worth is a reflection of your network. To achieve success, it is essential to surround yourself with successful individuals who can serve as mentors and sources of knowledge.


Just as being part of a team of skilled Poker Players can teach you a great deal about the art of Poker, being in a community of successful DeFi experts can provide valuable insights and expertise on how to make money with DeFi.


It is important to remember that, just like with money, the knowledge and connections you cultivate can have a profound impact on your success in the world of DeFi.

You can start experimenting with as little as 25$

Yes! We cover beginner topics and we do in depth analysis that help advanced users.

Participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) can require a significant time commitment, depending on the individual’s goals and the level of involvement you wish to have. Some DeFi activities, such as providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange (DEX) or earning interest on idle assets through a yield farming strategy, may only require a few minutes of attention per week to set up and monitor. However, other DeFi activities, such as actively trading on a DEX or participating in governance decisions for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) or building protocols, may require more frequent attention and a deeper understanding of the underlying protocols and technologies.

Dedicating a few hours per week will set you apart from majority of participants and help you avoid losing money.

The DEFI industry is a relatively new sector in the world of finance, and as such, there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion surrounding it.

At this stage in its development, it is important to provide information and guidance to people who are interested in getting involved in the DEFI space. By teaching people about the various aspects of DEFI, we hope to increase awareness and understanding of this emerging industry, and help more people to become involved in it. By providing information and guidance to people who are interested in getting involved in DEFI, we hope to help them to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls

We are sharing money-making strategies that may require full time or part time dedication. Some may not scalable as well as others, but can be great side incomes and a good way for people to learn while making money. Our goal is to point you to the opportunities. By providing these strategies, we hope to help people to generate some income from their involvement in DEFI, and to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the process.

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